OneDrive | 10 GB limit and other news


On 09.10.2014 Microsoft has announced new products to OneDrive by Jason Moore on the OneDrive blog.
So now it’s official: The limit for a single file is 10 GB (previously 2 GB). I’ve written about that here and here. There are also other novelties. With these innovations, but we must distinguish: Today and in the next few weeks

available today

Limitation of 10 GB

The single file limit is 10 GB. In Windows Explorer, on the web browser. On Windows and on the Mac.

Folder Upload via drag & drop in the browser

OneDrive, Folder Upload You may upload folders with drag & drop in the browser

(this function is not available for me)

available in the next few weeks

faster synchronization

The synchronization is increased by the parallel synchronization by three times. So we slowly approach the fast synchronization of the competitors.

Share in Windows Explorer

In the past, Sharing could only be performed in the web browser, or in the Modern App. That was awkward. And this will be changed.

OneDrive,Share in Windows Explorer

A click with the right mouse button on a file or folder … and with the "Share a OneDrive link", a link is generated and copied to the clipboard. Then you can share this link with one or more people using  Skype, Outlook, Lnyc.
Applies to Windows 7, 8 and Mac


In a subordinate clause of the original blog post by Jason Moore he also mentions the product: OneDrive for Business. This product still is limited to 2 GB. But he noted: "We’re working on it and let you know if this restriction is lifted."

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