OneDrive for Business | KB2899513 (November patch)

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

November-Patch at Microsoft. And with KB 2899513 there will be news and fixes for the sync-Client OneDrive for Business.

the following changes will established after the patch:

  • Improves OneDrive for Business so that it allows synchronizing to an Information Rights Management (IRM) protected SharePoint library.
    (there have done it already with the Oktober-patch)
  • Improves the file syncing ability and the Telemetry logging feature.
  • Improves localization in multiple languages to make sure that the meanings are accurate.
  • Improves the file syncing ability for OneDrive for Business.


Yes, this time you may have 40 languages for the OneDrive for Business Client:

40 languages available in OneDrive for Business

      You may download the OneDrive for Business client as a Click To Run (C2R) package in another language from the download page of the OneDrive blog site of Microsoft. Press there the Plus-sign an decide your language and your OS (32 or 64 Bit version)

        This time Microsoft does not provide any msi-package.
        Groove.exe Oktober-Patch (alt) Groove.exe November-Patch (neu)
        Groove.exe: Oktober patch Groove.exe: November patch

        the actual version number is: 15.0.4667.1000

      To read the actual version of the groove.exe you may switch to the folder
      “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15”. There is the Groove.exe installed.

    I’m hoping, that this package will actually improve the sync problems and is more stable then the old version.

    [Update 11/16/2014]

    There is another patch for OneDrive for Business with sync errors: KB 2899510

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