SharePoint Saturday Madrid | Recap – high security on campus

Microsoft Madrid

It started with a flight on Flight from Munich to Madrid, the Pilot told something about the local weather, I understand, “Cloudy and 40° Celsius.”. Perfect. for me, but I’m thinking, that I do not have the right clothes with me.  As I’m arrived at the airport, it was cloudy, but 14°. And this weather was the wrong one. Most of the EU speakers started out of a brilliant weather with sunny and no clouds….

Sightseeing Madrid: Thomas Fochten, Maarten Eekels, Jussi Roine

Some MVP friends have a sightseeing tour in Madrid and after that the speakers dinner.

SharePioint Saturday: Speakers Dinner

SharePioint Saturday: Speakers Dinner

On Saturday we have to go, let’s say in the middle of nowhere. Driving into a business park, but with high security. Have to present a printed QR code and your ID, your suitcase was scanned like on an airport, and it was forbidden to make pictures. Yes, I have to delete the picture on my smartphone, but my sync engine was quicker.

Microsoft building Madrid

Due to the security the SharePoint Saturday starts with 30 minutes delay.Keynote with Video of of Satya Nadella

some of the attendees of the SharePoint Saturtday Madrid

After the Keynote, a short recap of the Future of SharePoint, the different sessions start in five rooms, and some were recorded and live streamed to  Channel 9. So I have had my first session, but the installation on my laptop failed. Trauriges Smiley

Edin Kapic tried to connect my laptop

I have had 60 slides about the next generation sync client.

My session about Next Generation Sync client

Most of the rooms of the Microsoft Office in Madrid are open, and many thanks to the Microsoft people , that they also stayed with us on one day of their weekend.

Sponsors of the SharePoint Saturday Madrid

There were many sponsors, and we know, without these sponsors, such an event with 200 attendees will not be happen. First time this coffee machine: Hot Coffee, hot milk and hot water out of the boxHot Coffee, hot milk and hot water out of the box


In the Speakers room we have had the chance to play a little with the Microsoft Surface Hub

Surface HUB with Maarten Eeekels

after many session and with some delay the raffle started:Raffle on the SPS Madrid

Staff and Speakers of the SharePoint Saturday

Perfect day of SharePoint Saturday ends up with some SharePints. Searching for more pics on Facebook or Twitter: #spsmad


Thanks to all for organization and all the work during the event.

P.S: Flying back to Germany, I have the sun back.

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