SkyDrive Pro | Update KB2810019 (engl.)

SkyDrive Pro

On 5/14/2013 Microsoft has provided an update (KB28100149) for SkyDrive Pro, it may be installed also via WUS.

Here can you see the description for this patch and both 32-bit and the 64-bit version and install.

Essentially fixed the following issues:

  • 2 missing texts have been implemented in 40 languages.
  • Problems in the context menu
  • Error messages were inaccurate and were made more precise.
  • Separate and manual starting problems have been fixed.
  • Incorrect authentication messages were displayed when uploading or downloading.
  • SkyDrive Pro crashed when they stopped SkyDrive Pro in the notification area.
  • Deleting a file could not be made if this file was renamed previously twice.
SkyDrive Pro, Groove.exe, Version

The new version of SkyDrive Pro (Groove.exe) after update has the number:  19.03.2013.2027

Note: The german blogpost you will find here

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