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Office Upload Center | Cache-Error – OneDrive – OneDrive for Business

12. Mai 2014 2 Kommentare

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

Last week, I received this error message form a customer:

error message in Microsoft Office Upload Center

the customers problem was, that he cannot click on the repair-function in the Microsoft Office Upload Center. The question was, which OS he is running and whether he runs also the consumer product OneDrive:

He told me:

  • OS was Windows 8.1, all patches are installed
  • He uses OneDrive for Business on SharePoint Online (Office 365)
  • He also uses OneDrive
    You must know, that the Microsoft Office Upload Center is responsible for several things, not only for OneDrive for Business, also for OneDrive:

the Microsoft Office Upload Center, playing together with the internal database for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

The Microsoft Office Upload Center works also with an internal access database and this database includes OneDrive for Business and also OneDrive.. You cannot repair or clear the cache, if other processes are still running.

The following steps have to be made, to clear the cache:

End the process for OneDrive for Business

  • Search for the blue cloud icon in the SysTray.
  • the blue icon represents OneDrive for Business.
  • Right click and end the Sync-Process for OneDrive for Business.

Stop the Sync-Process for OneDrive

  • Open the windows Explorer and identify the OneDrive Symbol.
  • You will find the Consumer version OneDrive  directly under favorites.
  • Right click on OneDrive and stop the Sync-Process.
  • Wait until the blue OneDrive symbol shows a yellow exclamation mark.

Clear the cache in the Microsoft Office Upload Center

  • Search in the systray for the Microsoft Office Upload Center.
  • The Office Upload  Center symbol is a red circle with an up arrow.
  • Right click on the symbol to open the Microsoft Office Upload Center.
  • Click in Settings
  • Click on “empty the cache”
  • End program Microsoft Office Upload Center

Restart and automatically starts the services

  • Reboot you PC
  • the previously stopped services will automatically started.
  • The Synchronization process for OneDrive will continue.
  • The Synchronization process for OneDrive for Business will continue.
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