Teamsfest 2020

Teamsfest 2020 - Online Conference

On 7.10.2010 the time has come. Then the TeamsFest 2020 will take place. No, you don’t have to come. It is "the" community event special for Microsoft Teams. The TeamsFest 2020, organized by Chris Hoard, Adam Deltinger, Vesku Nopanen and Chris Webb will take place exclusively online this year.

And what a great lineup of speakers. And I am happy to be part of it this year.

I’m talking about OneDrive, of course, but this time from the perspective of teams:


OneDrive is everywhere – also with Teams


so make a note for now. Wednesday, October 7, at 08:00 CET we will start already. My session is at 17:00 CET.

See you there.

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