OneDrive and Windows 10 Preview


My colleague Martin Geuss, Microsoft MVP, has already been pointed out in Dr.Windows, that you should not use  Windows 10 Preview in a production environment.

For testing you should also think about a separate Windows Account.

I have received a notice …

after upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Preview

… and this morning I went to open a personal document from consumer OneDrive… but the doc wasn’t there. Then I realised that a couple of folders were missing and in turn realised that thousands of my photos had disappeared.
Luckily, I located these thousands of files in the OneDrive recycle bin and have now restored them. But why did this even happen in the first place?
I think this is probably something to do with OneDrive wanting to make everything available offline after I’d upgraded (which I didn’t want), so I set everything to be available online-only (everything was already online prior to the u/g) and then I could later choose what I wanted to be offline. Although I don’t really know why this resulted in so many files being moved to the OneDrive recycle bin.
I think everything is now back to "normal"…

The background should (could) be under circumstances that OneDrive is a newer Version in Windows 10 Preview

Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Preview
SkyDrive, OneDrive settings in  Windows 8.1

SkyDrive, OneDrive settings in  Windows 10 Preview

Version 6.3.9600.17278 Version 6.4.9841.0

So we see that the minor version is increased from 3 to 4.
You always should noticed:

"Windows 10 is a preview is a preview is a preview"

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