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OneDrive | Add to OneDrive global available

3. Dezember 2020 3 Kommentare

OneDrive: Add shortcut to My files - Add to OneDrive

Our American friends make it easy for themselves. They write "Add to OneDrive", but it should actually be called "Add Shortcut to My Files". Whatever. This feature has been available globally since December 2, 2020. See Ankita Kirti’s blog post.


Now everyone can use this function. Also the temporary locked function, the ‘Synchronization of a folder shared with me‘ is now possible again.


Once again the differences:

who sent me the Sharing?

  Add shortcut to My Files Synchronization
(how does this work?)
External user No Yes
Internal user Yes Yes


I have several devices. Does this affect the devices?


Add shortcut to My Files

When we add a shortcut in the browser, it will be displayed in all my devices. Even on mobile devices like iPhone and Android.

A resolution (remove the shortcut from "My files") is also done on all my devices. The files are also automatically removed from all devices.

Synchronization Only affects the device on which I set up synchronization. Other devices are not affected

You can read the details in my former blog post.

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