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OneDrive | statistics for shared data


Sometimes it would be desirable to have a statistics how often a file that I have shared, was retrieved from OneDrive. This is possible even if indirectly. But only if you shorten the link.

Before the shortened:


create a link in OneDrive

After shortened

a short link in OneDrive

Microsoft use to shorten the link. And yes, you may use  the statistic data in Bitly. Therefore you may take the URL ion a new browser window, expanded the short link with a “+” char.

example: –>

Also the old  SkyDrive links will go:

example: –>

You will see, how often the URL has been clicked.

statistic data of a shared link in Bitly

if you register Bitly, than you will have more information…

after registration: more statistic data of a shared file in OneDrive

I hope, that Microsoft will build in a button in OneDrive…

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