OneDrive Workshop

Are you lost in the jungle with Groove, OneDrive for Business, OneDrive and Next Generation Sync Client?

In this case, we got the right thing for you


OneDrive Workshop

  [Update 23.03.20] Remote OneDrive Workshop

The Corona Virus has us under control. We are supposed to work from home. While I have insisted on running a OneDrive workshop on site in the past, there will now be the opportunity to run a OneDrive workshop via Microsoft Teams Remote. But because remote requires more concentration from everyone involved, a full-day workshop becomes a 2x 4h workshop.

The bottom line is that there are also advantages for everyone:

cheaper because no travel costs
the workshop can be carried out remotely anywhere
Number of participants no longer limited

So if you are working from home, then right from the start. Without restrictions.

Contact me today by email Hans.Brender [at] and get an offer tailored to your company. And if you have any questions, please call me: +49 (0) 7361-931313 or  or
+49 (0) 171-7736198



In a 1-day workshop in your house, you will receive the knowledge you need to successfully work with the various synchronization clients and optimally prepare your users for working with Microsoft 365 / Office 365 in the cloud or with SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server onPremise . After the workshop you will be able to adjust your corporate strategy more precisely.

The workshop is individually adapted to the company.

Inhouse OneDrive Workshop

OneDrive workshop in your house, all day, for

· Admins, Consultants

Language of the Workshops

· German
· Englisch

Description, components of the OneDrive workshop:


· History and OneDrive Symbols
· Identification aid to distinguish Groove / NGSC


· OneDrive Big Picture
· SharePoint, document libraries, OneDrive for Business, OneDrive
· Architektur, Properties and limitations of Groove.exe (onPremise)
· Architektur, Properties and limitations of OneDrive.exe (NGSC)
· NGSC, executable under the different operating systems
· Microsoft Teams
· restriction of OS: Windows 8.1, Server, Citrix, VDI
· Overview and comparison Groove/NGSC
· Shared with Me
· Automatic Updates
· Microsoft Ringsystem: Insiders; Production, Enterprise


· Overview about Bitlocker
· Fort Knox , Advanced Encryption Store
· MFA Multi Factor Authentication
· Service Level Encryption with Customer Key
· Azure RMS /IRM

Windows 10 ab 1709

· Files On-Demand
· Cloud Only, Local available, Always available: Attributes of Files On-Demand,
· Storage Sense in Windows 10
· Syncing with MAC

Group Policies

· User Configuration /Computer Configuration
· Windows 10: Storage Sense
· Intune


· Current versions of the NGSC
· Geo Locations

Sharing (Admin- and User)

· Sharing (anonym, intern) und Restrictions
· From Web Browser, Windows Explorer, Office, and mobil
· MFA for Dummies (Share with Password)
· Validity of anonymous links

Office 365 Admin Center

· Storage
· Compliance
· Filter Viewer
· Restore OneDrive for Business
· Restore Teamsites

OneDrive Known Folder Move (KFM)(PC-Backup)


· FileServer
· Tools

VDI und Citrix

· FSlogix for using OneDrive on WVDI and Citrix

Customer and Partner

· B2B- Synch(Tenant to Tenant Synchronisation)

OneDrive Transfer of rights

· Manager + Administrator and Delegation

Intelligent processing Office Pro Plus (C2R)

· Click 2 Run 
· Renaming in the native office
· View of Version History

Contact me today by email Hans.Brender [at] and get an offer tailored to your company. And if you have any questions, please call me: +49 (0) 7361-931313 or
+49 (0) 171-7736198