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OneDrive | Install the sync client per machine (Preview)

25. März 2019 1 Kommentar

New style of OneDrive Release Notes

[10/30/19] Update
So this function is global available.You need versiomn 19.174.0902.0013 or later


So these days, Microsoft released a new version 19.043.0304.0004. It is an Insider Version. But with release we saw some interesting news:

Style Change of OneDrive Release Notes

Picture description
OneDrive Released Notes old Version

This picture shows the old style of Release notes:

We have here versions for Windows and Mac

OneDrive Released Notes new Version

And this is a pic with the new style of Release Notes:

We have now 4 versions: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Install the Sync Client per machine (Preview)

Yes, Version 19.043.0304.0003 is an Insider Version. But there are some interesting things with it:

Normally, The Next Generation sync client will be installed in the users directory like


And all 24h the Next Generation Sync Client looks by himself, if there is a new version for his ring. (Insider, Production, Enterprise). Therefore he needs access to the following domains:" and ""

The Setup for the Sync-Client has reached more than 30 MB.
The complete Setup, with all programs, Pictures and the 107 languages reached 197 MB, distributed in over 520 files in 154 folders.

But think about: You have a lot of users… and additional if you have more workers on a machine, for example in a hospital: many nurses on one machine, that could be complicated, because if there is a new version, the Sync client will be replaced again and again(one time for each nurse), because each nurse has its own sync client.

But starting with this version, it is possible to install it only one time (per machine installation)


  • Windows 7 or later
  • Sync client 19.043.0304.0003 or higher

To install the sync Client

Download OneDriveSetup.exe

  1. Download OneDriveSetup.exe.
  2. Run “OneDriveSetup.exe /allusers” from a command prompt window (will result in a UAC prompt) or by using SCCM. This will install the sync client under the “Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive” directory. When setup completes, OneDrive will start. If accounts were added on the computer, they’ll be migrated automatically.

You may reach more information here, but keep in mind, that’s a preview version!

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