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OneDrive | more then 2GB – Limit no longer exist

1. September 2014 2 Kommentare


Now it’s time. Microsoft has abolished the 2 GB file-length limit in the consumer product OneDrive.. The old limit was 2 GB. You may look here for the OneDrive limitations. I have done an example: a 4,3 GB HD-video (mp4), which I copied into my OneDrive folder.

Start of the synchronisation After copy a 4,3 GB mp4 Video into my OneDrive folder
synchronisation shortly bevor the old limit (2GB) reaching the old limit(2 GB )
200 GB over the old limit 2GB syncing more than  2 GB…
synchronisation of 4,3 GB into my OneDrive completed Ready: 4,3 GB Video auf OneDrive

more than 2 GB File stored in OneDrive


a 4.3 GB mp4 Video stored in OneDrive

The restrictions are lifted but only in Windows Explorer, the modern apps have not been updated and also in the web browser the old restrictions.
Currently, the 4.3 GB video could not be played in the browser.

What is missing?

The official announcement by Microsoft, and the new limit, if there is one

[Update]: as my MVP colleague Martin Geuss has indicated there is the old 2GB limit with him yet. This means that these changes take place in several stages. And are supplied on the cloud servers to more than 250,000 customers OneDrive with these changes, it can take quite a few days …


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