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OneDrive | wrong icon illustration on Windows 8.1 – KB2962409

19. Juni 2014 1 Kommentar


if you have installed update KB 2962409, coming with the July patches, you may see a wrong Icon illustration on Windows 8.1 in the info tray.

First: Not everyone is affected
Second: Microsoft is aware of this issue and the product group is working on it.
Third If you are affected, don’t worry about it. The OneDrive Synchronization function is not affected.


Thus, the icon should look like: OneDrive Icon in the info tray
If you hoover your mouse over the icon … OneDrive Icon in the info tray
So, this is the icon on a “failed system”: wrong OneDrive Icon in the info tray
If you hoover your mouse over the icon … wrong OneDrive Icon in the info tray

(the hoover messages are in German language)


I do not have written a blog post earlier

a. I do not have had the issue

b. I have had wait and look for processes and errors


a. has so far done , because now I have the issue on a Windows 8.1 32 Bit device, but only on one machine

b. For me, the whole of the system has no effect, it seems to be not only changed the icon in the system tray. I hold to the synchronization process, then the effective (see icon in the Explorer). If the synchronization process started again (the icon in the Explorer is only switched, the icon in the info bar remains in sync condition and also the screen that you get when you move the mouse over it, is wrong

strangely enough, I have not the behavior on all devices. On my Surface 2 (ie, the RT variant), the whole works, the way it should be.

What should I Do?

Nothing, wait until the next patch (and ignore the icon)

[Update 07/23/2014] Problem solved, read here

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