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OneDrive for Business | SharePoint Saturday 2015 London


I am proud and honored to speak at SharePoint Saturday 2015 in London. The event will be on Saturday, July 11th 2015.

I will speak about

OneDrive for Business – from the past to the future

Going into the history, explaining where OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is coming from, the attendees will learn, what’s the differences about both products, in which Office products are they included, what Microsoft has delivered since midyear 2015. This session explains the Architecture of the next Gen Sync Client and the security features. (IRM and Encryption at Rest). Also integration into SharePoint Server 2016 and Integration in Windows 10

See you there?

OneDrive for Business | SharePoint Saturday 2015 Florence

SharePoint Saturday 2015, Florence

I’m honored and proud, speaking about

OneDrive for Business

at SharePoint Saturday in Florence, Italy. The event is scheduled on Saturday, June 20, 2015. More Information about the event, agenda, … you will find here

OneDrive for Business | SharePoint Saturday UK

13. Oktober 2014 2 Kommentare

SharePoint Saturday UK, 2014

Zagreb, Barcelona, Brüssel und im November dann Hinckley. Das liegt in Großbritannien in der Nähe vor Birmingham. Am 29.11.2014 spreche ich dort über OneDrive for Business:

I’m proud to speak at Hinckley on SharePoint Saturday UK about OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

In this session you will learn the differences about OneDrive (consumer version) and OneDrive for Business, the architecture, the different apps and all limitations. Also you will hear about transmission and storage of your data (RBS) and the security (Azure Rights Management, AD RMS and Fort Knox) in SharePoint Online

Es scheint, das ich der einzige aus good old Germany bin…

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