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Azzure Munich Meetup – OneDrive Deep Dive

12. Februar 2017 Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

AzureMunichMeetup OneDrive, Microsoft
OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

Am 18.4.2017 ist es soweit. Dann bin ich dabei, auf dem Azure Munich Meetup in München. Wir sind zu Gast bei Microsoft.  Mein MVP Kollege Markus Klein wird uns etwas zu Azure Stack erzählen und von mir gibt es

OneDrive Deep Dive

Und manch einer wird sich fragen, was hat den OneDrive / OneDrive for Business mit Azure zu tun. Nun die Auflösung gibt’s am 18.4.2017 ab 19:00 Uhr  in der Deutschland Zentrale von Microsoft in München

Und hier geht’s zur Anmeldung

(und für die Microsoft Kollegen im Haus, wenn ihr teilnehmen möchtet, bitte ebenfalls anmelden. Danke)

BitTitan | Azure Starter Kit – Webinar – more than migration

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Your are a BitTitan partner?
You have not registered?
Your diary is free on  1/28/2016 11am PST?

The you should register immediately.

This coming Thursday is a follow up deep dive webinar to see the products in action (live demos!) and learn how to start making money with Azure immediately.
Amanda Hill, Partner Technology Strategist from Microsoft, will be presenting with our GM of Products, Rocco Seyboth, and several BitTitan product managers including Jethro Seghers.  The agenda is action-packed with demos and details on how the Azure Starter Kit can help you increase revenue and be more profitable this year. 

This training picks up where last month’s overview left off and is a must-join:

  • See in-depth demos of HealthCheck for Azure, Database Migration and Cloud Storage Migration
  • Increase sales with a training on how to run an Azure assessment, provide recommendations and use HealthCheck for Azure with your specific customers
  • Uncover, qualify for and take advantage of Microsoft financial incentives

Don’t miss out and register now!

Seriously – we expect it to be one of our best webinars ever.

File Server to OneDrive for Business Migration

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OneDrive for Business, Microsoft migrationwiz

OneDrive for Business is gaining recognition and traction among SMBs and enterprises. In particular, replacing user home drives, commonly stored on on-premises file shares, with OneDrive is becoming a common request to Office 365 system integrators and MSPs. As our partners have started to do more of these projects, some common roadblocks have become apparent:

More and more enterprise customers want to migrate their users’ Home drive, most often stored on File Servers, to the users’ One Drive for Business. But there are several hurdles:

  • he structure of the File Servers is not in harmony with user names in Office 365.
  • They do not want to migrate the complete File Servers structure.
  • They are not aware of the limits in OneDrive for Business.

With MigrationWiz, you are able to migrate, but the migration process is different:

Step 1 Upload the files into an Azure Blob storage.
Step 2 Create a Project in MigrationWiz: Source is Azure, Destination is OneDrive for Business
Step 3 Filter the different Folders to migrate only the relevant data to the users’ OneDrive for Business.

Before you begin to upload, you must check all documents, determine if any limitation prevents these documents from being stored in OneDrive for Business. There are several articles about these limitations:

Restrictions and limitations …. sync SharePoint lib. to your computer through ODFB
Migrating File Shares to OneDrive for Business
SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business: software boundaries and limits

So then you are able to identify the folders:

In the following example we only want to upload only 3002 and 3003 == User A and User B

File Server structure

Azure Blob container (after uploading)






























Only the folders and files (these are highlighted in yellow) should be uploaded to the Azure blob in the named container.

The Second part is the migration with MigrationWiz

The table below indicates what will be migrated into the OneDrive for Business document library destination:

User A

User B









So this can be done, using two CSV files and also two PowerShell cmdlets.

The first CSV file is the configuration file where several kinds of information will be stored:



The Project Name in MigrationWiz.



The container name of the blob storage in Azure. The container in this Azure blob storage must exist. (Only lowercase names are allowed)



The root path of the File Server.



The name of the Azure Blob storage.



The Security Key to access the Blob storage.



The email of the Office 365 Global administrator.



The Password of the Office 365 Global administrator.

In the second CSV file are stored users’ name and the corresponding File Server folder. Additionally, the Filter Folder and Folder Mapping must be saved.



Email address of the user, in which the ODFB data is stored.



The Subfolder of the File Server, which is mapped with the email address (User)



The RegEx for the User, which filters only the Subfolder and for the given user.



Filters the Folder.

If all data are saved in both CSV files, then we may execute the first PowerShell cmdlet with Migration Preparation, FileServer to OneDrive for Business the name Uploader.ps1.

Now only the selected folders, subfolders and files are uploaded to the Azure Blob storage in the named container.

Upload to Azure,FileServer to OneDRive for Business

The second PowerShell cmdlet ProjectImport.ps1 creates the complete Project in MigrationWiz. You do not have to set any information. All information about the project (Source, Destination, container) and all users are inserted.

Migration, Azure to Onedrive for Business

And now you ready to start the Migration with checking your credentials and then with a full migration.


Fore more information go to our community site at BitTitan

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