Field report with OneDrive Sync Admin Reports

Almost 4 weeks have passed since Microsoft published the OneDrive Admin Sync Reports in a public preview. First of all: There is still a lot of room for improvement.

Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando
Öffentliche Preview
Original-Dokumentation OneDrive Synchronisierungsberichte im Apps Admin Center

Installation and procedure

Prerequisites: Windows 10
OneDrive Version: 21.078.xxxx.xxxx or higher. I recommend 21.104.0523.0001 32 Bit / 64 Bit
Installation: Globaler Administrator read: Globaler Leser

Here is the brief overview:

OneDrive Sync Admin Reports
The Apps Admin Dashboard will contain all the information.

Rolling out Group Policy Synchronizing Administrator Reports
There are several ways to roll out group policies. The OneDrive group policy can be found with the complete OneDrive configuration in the admx directory.
Microsoft recommends not to roll out all machines at once, the figure shows that we first provide the Sales department with the group policy.

Rolling out Group Policy Synchronizing Administrator Reports
Then follow the departments Finance, Marketing, …

Devices/instances report to the dashboard
If the clients are configured correctly, the clients will automatically report their status to the App Admin Center. The readout can then be done with the Globaler Leser role.

OneDrive Synchronization Dashboard Overview
Several data are transmitted in the process:

  • User
  • User e-mail
  • Device name
  • Errors
  • Known folders (KFM)
  • App version (OneDrive)
  • Operating system
  • Last synched
  • Last status reported

OneDrive Synchronization Dashboard Detail View
Under Details, not only the machines are listed, but also the state of each instance of OneDrive for Business. I have more than one instance running on the various devices, and Microsoft still needs to make some improvements here as well.

OneDrive Synchronization Detail View Device/Instance
Click on the user with an error message and it will be detailed.

Experiences and improvements

In my tenant there are only a few devices, but I also have up to 4 instances to different OneDrive for Business. Unfortunately, the client does not go through all instances correctly. This results in one instance getting an entry at „last synced“ or „last reported status“, but the other instance does not. I also have problems with virtual Windows 10 devices.
Unfortunately, the speed is not satisfactory. When an error occurs, the preview takes >36 hours to show this error. A collaboration error in productive operation? Then support will call this tool once and then never again. Status messages also take forever.

Number of devices
Up to 500 devices I can imagine using the current list. But the filter possibility is currently limited to everything or errors. But with a higher number of devices other specifications are important, which are not implemented yet:

  • Devices/ users by organizational units
  • Devices/ users by location

It is also not possible to sort or filter by existing data. So it would make sense to search for „outdated“ OneDrive. Or for outdated congestion messages.

Api / Interface
I miss that completely. Large companies have already implemented known monitor systems. An interface or APi should also be implemented here so that data can be exchanged in known ticket systems.

Currently I can only search for users. This should be extended to device name, known folders, app version, operating system, last synced and last status reported.

The dashboard also needs a translation overhaul. The website does not address the language set.

In principle, this will be a nice solution if the time restrictions are improved. The way Microsoft has made the first improvements to the client and the server, it can only be used to a limited extent. Only when the dashboard shows this in an acceptable time in the dashboard after an error has occurred in the client, the OneDrive Admin Reports can be used proactively.

3 Gedanken zu “Field report with OneDrive Sync Admin Reports

  1. I don’t even know how often service data is sent for OneDrive or what is being used to report sync status, especially for logged in status. I’m definitely taking this with a grain of salt


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