OneDrive | Update: Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded

new  Group Policy: Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded

[Supplement 23.11.2020]
This is a post to a blog post from 11/16/20. Please read here first


The Microsoft documentation on Group Policy „Exclude certain file types from uploading“ is partly incorrect and incomplete.


The registry key is incorrect

Missing information:

currently no Office formats are supported. I have only tested this with docx, xlsx and pptx.  Microsoft has informed me that the documentation will be adapted.

In the wildcard description only the asterisk [*] is described. But also the question mark [?] works.


In the group policy are stored: Files Synchronization
Try.* Tryt Blocked
Try.mdb Blocked
Try.docx Synchronized
Try.xlsx Synchronized
*Exclude*.txt A Exclude Textfile.txt Blocked
A Exclude Textfile.mdb Synchronized
A Exclude Textfile.docx Synchronized
TestEx??*.txt TestEx12.txt Blocked
TestEx13.txt Blocked
TestEx4.txt Blocked
TextEx56 Try.pptx Synchronized

Where does this Group Policy work?

This is a computer group policy. Currently, this Group Policy applies to all synchronized areas:

  • OneDrive Personal
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint document libraries
  • Local synchronization of files „shared with me”
  • Synchronization of „Add to OneDrive“ files

Existing files will still be synchronized. Only new files are scanned.


The user can switch to the browser and upload the file manually. Afterwards, this file will also be synchronized. So it is clear that this Group Policy cannot be used as a security feature!


an exclusion on folder level is not possible.


The user does not (yet) get a display which names and wildcards have been created. He has no possibility to read out these parameters.

10 Gedanken zu “OneDrive | Update: Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded

  1. Hello,

    I’m stuck trying to get it to work with Intune and Onedrive KFM.
    Already to reboot or restart Onedrive and try with new *.Ink but it doesn’t work.

    Do you have an idea?



  2. Not working with 20.201.1005.0009 for me either. But I was thinking because it was OneDrive Personal and not business, though this article seems to indicate should work with personal


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