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OneDrive | new version available 19.126.0627.0002

new OneDrive Version: 19.126.0627.0002

Nothing spectacular. Each 14 days Microsoft published a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe). But if you read the OneDrive Blog, you will see, several new things with mobile:

Designing a Fluent Microsoft OneDrive Mobile Experience

  • Refreshed design for OneDrive app on iOS
  • Recent View now includes PDFs and scans
  • New file picking experience in Outlook for iOS
  • Updated experience for PDF annotation
  • Revamped settings experience

OneDrive Roadmap Roundup – July 2019

  • 360° image viewer capability for OneDrive
  • Updates to File card in OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Per-Site Anyone Link Expiration Policy *)
  • Full Microsoft Intune support for OneDrive
  • OneDrive mobile updates

and therefore you will find also new Versions in iOS, Android and Mac

Operating System Version
iOS 10.77
Android 5.35.2
Mac Production Ring 19.123.0624.0005
Mac Enterprise Ring 19.086.0502.0009
Mac Insider Ring 19.126.0627.0002
Windows Insider Ring 19.126.0627.0002
Windows Production 19.123.0624.0005
Windows Enterprise 19.086.0502.0008

All version with comments you will find here.


*) Anyone Link Expiration Policy

Microsoft has changed the maximum date from 90 days to 730 (2 years). This makes not really sense for me. Enterprise companies want to reduce, not expand the anonym Links to external.  But there may be reasons, why there expand this. If you read the blog post, you will find the number 720. And this is wrong. it must be 730.

I have informed about the little thing. In the past they have enhanced it also to 730 days. but inside the Sharing PopUp you could only establish one year and not 2 years. This bug is now fixed.

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