OneDrive | GPO: Configure team site libraries to sync automatically

Group Policy: Configure team site libraries to sync automatically

For the Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe) Microsoft has created several group policies. One of them is for companies, so we may automatically connect with a document library. This can be interesting, but people asked me, they have no success with this group policy.

First, you must read the policy Configure team site libraries to sync automatically carefully


  • Windows 10
  • Windows Insider on the machine or Office Insider
  • Enabled group Policy OneDrive Files on Demand
  • OneDrive adml and admx files installed

This time, the group policy works only, if you are a Windows insider or an Office Insider, that means it runs only on a machine where f.e. Windows Insider is running. This has nothing to do with the OneDrive Insider Ring

To get the SharePoint Online Library ID, the pop-Up window only shows me, if I use chrome or a private window in Edge

In the article Microsoft says, you should not apply to the GPO “Configure team site libraries to sync automatically”, if there are not more than 1000 devices. I think, that is a bad limit:


Thinking for Midsize or Enterprise Organizations: The Onboarding process could be more easily, if we connect the sync client automatically with let’s say HR team site. So here is a good starting point for “all employees”, where all important documents a reside. The new Employee have nothing to do. It’s on his machine, takes no space (Files on demand), and if documents are updated form HR people, all employees will sync the docs automatically, but only if there are not more then 1000 devices, connect to this document libraries of other Sites automatically.

Another issue is the time. It may up to 8 hours, after a user signs in, before the library begins to sync. That means, my example above also will not work

Please Microsoft, unlock this limit

To make this group policy run, please do the following steps:

Picture Description
ADML and ADMX files

Installing the adml and admx files

If you have SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) or any other management Software, you know, what you must do. I show here the installation with a local group Policy Editor. Microsoft has renamed many Group Policies, therefore it is recommended, that you refresh the files

You find the 2 OneDrive files here:


Here you have the Onedrive.adml and OneDrive.admx in English language version plus 16 additional languages:

Copy the OneDrive.admx into the folder %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions
Copy the OneDrive.adml into the corresponding language folder

Picture Description
Local Group Policy Editor

Start your local Group Policy Editor

Navigate inside the Computer Configuration to
Administrative Templates, OneDrive

Local Group Policy Editor: Enable OneDrive Files on Demand

Enable “Use OneDrive Files On-Demand”

 Web site with document libary

Enable “Configure team site libraries to sync automatically”   

For this group policy we need the entire library ID. We have to move to the Team site in a Web-Browser, where we want to connect later automatically as a SharePoint Admin (or higher)

Here we have to klick on Sync

Pop Up for Copying Library ID

Klick on Copy library ID

Note: I have several issues using edge, also in a private session. I always get the pop up window with the Chrome Browser and see the “Copy library ID” link

Nothing happened. Well there is no response, but the complete Library ID is copied to the clipboard and looks like…

10/11/19 REMARKS
So there was a bug, I have reported to Microsoft, and they have fixed it.

This Message never comes up.

Microsoft have fixed it, but izt may take some days, until the fix reach your tenant. There is no workaraound.

And: Clear the Cache or run it in a private Borwser window


you see, there is the TenantiD, siteId, WebId, ListID and webURL.

Now switch back to Local Group Policy Editor

Picture Description
Configure team site libraries to sync automatically

“Configure team site libraries to sync automatically” and press Show

Configure team site libraries to sync automatically

There are 2 fields: Value name and Value

Value name: Here you must enter a friendly name, that you are able to identify the library, because here you may insert more document libraries in other sites, and you must identify them.

Value: That’s the complete library ID, you have in the clipboard

Press two times OK to enable the GPO.

Start Regedit.exe and go to:


Registry Editor

Reboot your machine and wait up to 8 hours. I have waited 2 hours and then automatically I found a new library and all files are displayed as Cloud Only.

04/04/19 additional Blog post with changes

Microsoft Source

18 Gedanken zu “OneDrive | GPO: Configure team site libraries to sync automatically

      1. Yes,
        i saw that when need to transform spaces in Ascii with this command:

        [uri]::UnescapeDataString(„PASTE HERE“)


    1. there are other limits, therefore i do not like (anymore) the automatic process.
      Why: The Limit of sync is „300000 files over all“
      Therefore I prefer: „Add a shortcut to OneDrive“, and this is a manual task, people have to understand.


  1. Hallo,
    der Link „copy library ID“ wird in der deutschen Version nicht angeführt. Liegt das an der Sprache? Oder muss man noch immer ein Insider sein? Was kann ich tun, um die library ID (vielleicht auf einem anderen Weg) zu bekommen?

    Beste Grüße


      1. Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort.
        Mein Benutzer ist sowohl Team-Besitzer, als auch Globaler Admin in Office 365. Dennoch wird mir keine Library-ID angezeigt.

        Ich würde mich sehr über einen weiteren Hinweis freuen. Danke!


      2. als Tenant-Admin einloggen. Auf die SharePoint Document Bibliothek navigieren. Dann auf den Sync Button Click. Dann erscheint der Link.


  2. Ich habe beobachtet, dass die Policy bewirkt, dass ein zweites Verzeichnis entsteht zB „FirmaXY – Dokumente (1)“ , wenn zuvor der Link bereits manuell erstellt wurde. Lässt sich das irgendwie verhindern?


  3. Lt. Microsoft gehört der Unicode in ASCII konvertiert. Diesen schritt lässt du allerding aus.
    Ist das also nicht notwendig?


  4. Does anybody know when this policy will be available in normal Windows releases? Not sure how long before things move from insider to general release


  5. Thanks, really comprehensive article! I forgot to read the prerequisites though, as I am not a Windows or Office Insider the policy isn’t doing its job. I checked the registry and the key is there, with the tenantID but the folder that needs to be synced is not there…


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