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OneDrive | File-Explorer and Move To OneDrive

MoveTo OneDrive

With OneDrive Version  19.002.0121.0009 Microsoft has implemented a new feature:

Move To OneDrive

As you see, on this machine I have two OneDrive for Business (two different tenants) and one OneDrive Personal. If you right click inside the Windows File Explorer on a file, which is not synced, a menu pops up and if you then hoover over ‘Move to OneDrive’, the you see the destinations.  If you click on one of them, the file will be moved into the root of the destination.

That’s very interesting, but

  • Why Do I not have the change, to move to the folder that I want?
  • Why I’m not able to move a folder (with files) ?
  • Why I’m not able to move to ‘all my synced libraries’ ?

hey Microsoft: You may give us the answer to theses questions

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