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OneDrive learns Dark Mode | 18.212.1021.0007

OneDrive Dark Mode

So there is nothing special on it. But with the Windows Insider Version 18277 and the Next Generation Sync Client Version 18.212.1021.0007 Dark Mode will be available. So more and more Microsoft Apps are switching automatically to dark mode, if you change the app-modus to dark. (Settings, Colors) Easy. But are there any other news?

So the last time I have written about new NGSC Version was 08/20/18. Talking about 18.151.0729.0005.


So this table is made 11/10/18. Newer and older versions you will find here

Date Version Remarks
08/22/18 18.162.0812.0001 This is a version out of the Insiders Ring
no more information
08/28/18 18.151.0729.0006 Admins now have the ability to configure SharePoint Team Site Document Libraries to automatically sync on a machine. Version 18.151.0729.0006 fixed only minor bugs
09/13/18 18.151.0729.0012 no information
10/02/18 18.172.0826.0010 Production Ring

Updated the silent group policy for Known Folder Move to move folders with existing content.

So with earlier versions you only move folders without content.

10/02/18 18.192.0920.0012 This is a version out of the Insiders Ring
no more information
11/09/18 18.212.1021.0007 This is a version out of the Insiders Ring
Now you have dark mode

and again:

Windows 10 Insider find inside new versions in the feedback Hub and all information (for a new version) in the Flight Hub.

Why does the PG for OneDrive do not do the same?

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