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Next Generation Sync Client – New Insider Version 18.044.0301.0005

New Version (Insiders) of the  Next Generation Sync Client: 18.044.0301.0005

On 21.03.18 Microsoft has released a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client. It is an insiders version and unfortunately there are no details, which has changed. In the meantime, the NGSC client plays a fundamental role, but without details it is not easy to see what has changed.

That’s why I depend on you, the worthy reader, to let me know any changes you’ve seen. That’s easy by EMail.

  • But I should always have some information
  • Which Next Generation Sync Client version do you use?
  • Which version of Windows do you use?
  • Which version of Office do you use?
  • Installation Click 2 Run or msi?
  • Office 365 Publishing Tracking (From Admin Settings in Office 365)
  • And of course, what has changed, what’s new, just what’s noticed.
    Thank you very much. I will post changes then.
    Back to the new version. The version bears the number 18.044.0301.0005. And this is a big leap. Because the predecessor was 18.025.0204.009
    So I hope you send me some feedback…

[Update 03/24/18]

Eric Bauer: it seems to include the ability to pause automatically when connected to a Metered connection in Windows 10. However, you can give the instruction to synchronize at the push of a button. The pause mode is automatically canceled when the Metered  connection is left.

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